Saturday, June 30, 2007

Going for a trip tomorrow

I am going for a trip to the States tomorrow. I baked the Taiwanese bread with coffee icing on the top and wilton chese muffin to bring for the trip.
I will be gone for a week, I will posted the recipe when I am back :)
Hi , I am back from the trip, I will post now the cheese muffin recipes from Wilton Indonesia ,
I tweaked the recipe a little, instead using chocolate chip , I used cheese. This muffin so soft like cotton for 3 days.

Cheese Muffin
A. 350 gr cake flour
B. 230 gr butter , 110 cc water, 2 gr salt
C. 200 gr telur (4 eggs)
D. 300 gr castor /granulated sugar, 8 gr baking powder
E. 150 gr cheese dice like blocks 1 1/2 cmm x 1 1/2 cm x 1 1/2 cm
Method :
1.Boiled ingredients B : butter, water and salt untill boiled
2.Put flour to mixer bowl, add B when is still hot, mix with medium speed till the ingredients warm, add vanilla essence, leave it cool at room temperature.
3. Add egg one by one to step no 2 beat it with mixer, medium speed.
4. Mix Ingredients D, sugar, baking powder, add to step 3, beat with mixer
5. Stop the mixer, add dice cheese
6. Put the paper muffin on the muffin tin, add the ingredients, add the grated cheese on top, baked 160C for aproximately 25 minutes.


WokandSpoon said...

Ooo, cheese muffins! Nice! Have a great trip!

Everything4sweets said...

Hi,wokandspoon, I will posted the cheese muffin from Wilton recipes today, I am back from the trip :)