Friday, June 15, 2007

Old fashioned German cheese Pie

I found this recipe from here, I made two kind of pie with pie dough and the other with only crackers on the bottom.
If you like cheese this recipes for keep. Yumm..... so cheesy...... :)

Pie dough
325 g flour
100 g powder sugar
200 g butter
1 large egg

250 g cream cheese
115 g granulated/castor sugar
80 g egg white
Beat the sugar and egg white untill peaks form
150 gr evaporated milk
100 gr water
120 gr egg yellow
65 gr butter
65 gr maizena/corn starch

For the skin pie:
mix all the dry ingredients together with butter, rub untill look like sand, than put the egg , after everything mix , you can place it on the pie plate.

mix milk,water,egg yellow,corn starch, butter ,on low heat.
Take out from the heat put cream cheese, after it cool put the beaten egg white , folded to the ingredient together. Put the filling on the dough.
Bake it 170 C for 30 minutes.
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