Monday, August 27, 2007


Bluder, is a very soft cotton Bread, taste like Brioche. There is two kind of Bluder, the bread Bluder, and the other one Bluder cake bread looks like very soft sponge cake, the main ingredient in here use a lot of egg yolk, 17 egg yolk OMG, to much...., and some yeast, well for someone has high cholesterol you can forget eating this. I only made 1/3 of the recipe of The Bluder bread, and the Bluder bread cake. I prefer the Bluder bread cake because is softer than Bluder Bread. I found this fantastic recipes from Ine's Blog.

Bluder Bread

(source: Fortuna baking course)


340 cc egg yolks (17 egg yolk)

60 cc egg whites (2 egg white)

550 gr bread flour ( for me :it is better to mix the cake flour with bread flour)

5 gr milk Flavour powder ( I used skim milk powder)

2 tbs Instant yeast

1/2 tbs Bread improver ( I don't used it)

150 gr sugar

150 gr Butter

*1 tsp salt *

Mix together

50 cc evaporated milk

100 cc ice water


1. Mix together all the ingredients accept ingredient with this *. Use mixer to blend until done, add the ingredients *, mix it again.

2.Leave it covered for 1 hour.

3.Weigh the dough 30-40 gr wait to rise for 10 minutes

4.Fill the inside of the dough with cheese

5.Wait again for 30-40 minutes, until rise ( I prefer to wait for an hour)

6.Brush with milk on the top

6. Baked for 150C for 25 minutes

.** Note:the dough is not as firm as the usual dough bread, so you have to used muffin tin to put the dough.

Suggestion,Fill the inside with: Chocolate,cheese,ham, sausages, raisins etc.

Bluder cake bread

( source: Bloeder Cake mini in Cup book by Koko Hidayat)


For the yeast:

5 gr instant yeast*

25 gr bread flour*

50 ml water*

1tbs sugar*

Bluder cake bread

12 egg yolks

5 egg whites

175 gr sugar

15 gr emulsifier ( I don't used it)

1/2tsp salt

150 gr cake flour

30 gr milk powder

125 gr margarine mix it until white

200 gr smoked beef dice

150 gr Cheddar cheese dice it

250 gr Cheddar cheese grated for topping


1. Make the yeast by mixing all the ingredients with *, leave it to rise for 20 minutes

2.Beat the egg, sugar, emulsifier and salt until thick

3. add flour,milk powder, blend it with the rubber spoon.

4. add the yeast mix, margarine mix, smoked beef and cheese, mix it again with rubber spoon.

5. add the mix ingredients to paper cup for muffin . leave it , let it rise for an hour. put the top with grated cheese. Baked 180C for 20 minutes or less.


WokandSpoon said...

Mmmmmm! I love brioche and any type of sweet breads! This looks good to me though I've never heard of it!

Everything4sweets said...

I guess Bluder is an indonesian bread influence by Dutch.