Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eggplant Raita

It is really hot the weather this week, so I made cold dishes, egg plant raita , usually you have to fried the eggplant, because the weather is hot , I don't want to stay long at the kitchen, I just grill the eggplant and take out the skin. It is nice to eat this with roti paratha.


6 eggplants grill and take out the skin

3 cup of plain yogurt

3 tbs Dahi bara chaat or chat masala

1 tbs garlic powder

chili powder for garnish

mint leaves for garnish


-Grill the eggplant, take out the skin, leave it cool

-add yogurt, dahi bara chaat/chat masala, garlic powder to grill eggplant that already cool,mix it

-garnish with chili powder and fresh mint

-put in the refrigerator until cool.


WokandSpoon said...

That looks so nice! Unfortunately my husband can't eat dairy so if I make it, he'll be grumbling away

Everything4sweets said...

Hi, wokandspoon,oh, he is lactose intolarance, sorry. You must be so excited will be going to Australia :)

Home Cooking said...

never tried this raita before, i used to make cucumber raita, its so refreshing ^_^

Everything4sweets said...

Hi isha, I learned to make this from my Pakistani friend, but is better that you fried it, cut the big eggplant,very thin , fried one by one , drain,it , first, cool it and add yoghurt. I made the grill one yesterday because I can't stand in the kitchen for a long time the weather is so hot. Do try this one you might like it.