Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The original recipe from here, I change a bit the recipe.


3 cups plain flour ( I used 1 cup of fried gloutinous flour/ koh fun + 2 cup plain flour )

3 cups full cream powdered milk ( I used Malt )

1 cup sugar

1 x 250g salted butter

toast the flour in a wok over low heat.stir continuously to avoid burning. turn off the heat when the flour turns slightly brown. let the flour cool a bit.mix the toasted flour with full cream milk and sugar. pour in melted butter. mix well. (make sure the melted butter is not hot or it will dissolve the milk powder into creamy form.)mould the mixture using the polvoron moulder. yields about 100 polvorons.chill in the refrigerator.wrap in square pieces of japanese paper or cellophane.for my family, we simply stack 'em in an airtight container. grab the naked polvoron and yum yum. just don't dare to laugh right after putting polvoron in your mouth.

TIP: you can also add crushed cashew nuts, peanuts, pistachio for a crunch.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how it taste like? Can you tell me?

Everything4sweets said...

Taste like milk candy, I added nuts, you can add any kind of nuts.