Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wedding Cake and Bouquet Of Flower ( cup cakes) for My friend

I made this yesterday, sigh I am still tired, this wedding cake and Bouquet for my friend, I will write more about it tomorrow.
Hi , I am back, the wedding cake is 4 tiers of cake , I made myself the white chocolate heart with flower inside, I bought the moulding for the chocolate. It is easy to make , you just buy white chocolate wafer, and you melt it in the microwave for 1 minutes, and put in the refrigerator for 15 to 25 minutes, and you can unmolded after it cooled. The icing for the cake , I couldn't find white butter, so I used crisco vegetable shortening, mix it with butter or margarine, and mix it with sweet condensed milk,no colour vanilla essence, icing sugar ( I used wilton icing mix from the can), because the weather is so hot, I put more of the icing sugar mix, so it can stand the hot summer weather, it wasn't going to melt so easy. For the bouquet of flower, baked cup cakes, and added icing on the top of the cup cake swirl it so it look like roses, I use star nozzle.
I am really glad , they( brides and groom) appreciate it.


WokandSpoon said...

wow! That looks so professional! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you made it!

Everything4sweets said...

Hi,wokandspoon thank you for your nice comment, I will posted later how to make it :), and the picture of the groom and brides cut the wedding cake :)

WokandSpoon said...

You make it sound so easy! It looks like a lot of work! One day I'll have to try to decorate my cakes - I'm always too lazy!

Everything4sweets said...

Hi, thanks wokandspoon, actually this is my first wedding cake, I am so frustated making it, but from my mistake I found how to make a good butter cream icing, so for the wedding put more the icing sugar ,not the butter, because if you put more butter, is gonna melt easy,and this hot weather making it worst. Do try to make your decorated cake someday, you will learn from your mistake :)

Unknown said...

Hi, your work is amazing! I started reading your blog when i googled how soan papadi was made. I'm going to try it out sometime soon! I started poking around and saw these wonderful creations! You've got some fine talent! I'm curious to know did you mount the cupcakes to look like the bouquet?!

Everything4sweets said...

Hi salome,

Thank you for your kind comment, I also have another blog
If you want to know how to make the bouquet of cup cake , you can go to this website ,
Hope this help :)