Thursday, July 19, 2007

Raspberry moouse cake

This recipes for sure to keep, I tried this today , thanks to auntie Lucy , that is so nice want to share the recipes, I tweaked a bit, the cake different from she did. I get the recipes from here .

Ingredients for raspberry mousse:

50 ml. fresh milk

20 gm. instant custard

100 gm. raspberry puree - blend fresh raspberries

45 gm. sugar

130 gm. whipped cream

8 gm. gelatin + 40 gm. water (soak together)a little of lemon juice

1 Tbsp. Kirsch

Method For mousse:

-Put gelatin and water in a microwave bowl and microwave for about 25 secs.

-Mix instant custard with milk.

-Boil half of raspberry puree with sugar until sugar dissolved.Add melted gelatin in and mix thoroughly.

-Fold in the rest of raspberry puree and lemon juice and leave it to cool.

-Fold in whipped cream and kirsch slowly.

-Put in a slice of cake into cake ring, pure mousse filling and then cover it with another slice of cake. Leave to set in the fridge.

- Unmould cakes and decorate the top by piping some flowers with whipped cream.

- Serve chilled.

** Instead of raspberry, can use strawberries or blueberries.

Raspberry cake:


150 ml raspberry puree

150 ml milk

75 ml oil

3 eggs

1 packages strawberry or raspberry jello

1 box of betty crocker cake mix or any other cake mix


mix according the cake mix box instructions.


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hi everything4sweets, thanks for visiting my blog. u can use any kind of banana. pisang ambon would be great too. my mom used to make it with pisang kepok. anyway, can i link ur blog. have a nice day ^_^

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Hi Isha, thanks for the answer, yes you can link my blog :)

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The cake looks light and delicious!

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