Sunday, November 25, 2007

Green tea steam cake

I want my steam cake taste like suji leaves, because I couldn't find it here, I used green tea powder mixed it with pandan essence, well it is taste the same. Next time I will add white chocolate instead of coconut milk in this cake, the recipe for this cake the same as the steam chocolate brownies, I change the chocolate with coconut milk and green tea,but I think it is way better using white chocolate than coconut milk.
6 eggs
sugar 225 gram
Vanila 1tsp
salt 1/2 tsp
Flour 125 gram, sieve
vegetable oil 175 ml ,white Cooking Cokelat 100 gram (melted)
sweet condensed milk 75 ml
green tea powder/ essence 1 tsp


Beat egg with sugar until fluffy, add flour , stir with spatula. add oil and white cooking chocolate and green tea essence.steam for 1o minutes. add 1/3 of the ingredients with 75 ml condensed milk and steam again for 10 minutes, add the rest of the ingredients and steam again for 25 minutes.


Dwiana P said...

Hey, that is a good ide mixing green tea powder with pandan essence. I can't find suji leaves here too.

Everything4sweets said...

Yup,Dwi,it's taste like suji leaves :)

Simonne said...

Everything4sweets ,
Your green tea cakes looks yummy.
Can share the recipe ?
Also what size of pan u using ? U bake your cake so tall!

Everything4sweets said...

Hi , I used 19 cm round pan.