Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spongy chocolate sponge cake

Finally I made this spongy chocolate cake, good recipe , I can used it for Black forest cake, next time I have to used 9 inch 0r 10 inch baking pan, instead of 8 inch.

203 g Whole eggs
32 g Egg yolks
135 g Caster sugar
21 g Glucose
1 g Salt
32 g Vegetable oil
21 g Cocoa powder
106 g Cake flour
1 g Baking soda
21 g Milk

1. Warm vegetable oil and mix in cocoa powder until well mixed and dissolved.
2. In a large mixing bowl, add in whole eggs, egg yolk, caster sugar and salt and beat on high speed until foamy and about doubled in volume and salt and sugar have dissolved.
3. Add in glucose and beat on medium speed until ribbon stage.
4. Sift flour and baking soda over beaten egg mixture. Mix in flour on low speed for 3 seconds just to combine most of the flour. After which, mix at medium speed for approx 20 seconds (or even less) just until mostly incorporated. Fold in any remaining traces of flour with rubber spatula.
5. Take some of the beaten egg mixture and add it into the cocoa powder-vegetable oil mixture to lighten the mixture. Add it into the egg mixture, together with the milk and fold until well incorporated.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to translate this. Love your sense of adventure in trying out unconventional recipes, and more importantly, filling us in on how each recipe turned out.
Would appreciate it if you could tell me how many eggs is 203g (weighed without shells?) and 32g yolks. TIA

Everything4sweets said...

Weight of One Large Egg:

In Shell = 57 grams

Without Shell = 50 grams

White Only = 30 grams

Yolk Only = 18 grams

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