Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sponge cake

I have been searching for an easy sponge cake recipes, and stumble upon Kitchen corner blog, she made a very soft sponge cake,and she found the recipe from youtube.
The only problem, I don't speak chinese language, well I just watch the video on youtube and got the ingredients from kitchen corner blog.

Ingredients for the plain sponge cake:

140g plain flour
4 eggs
30g milk
180g sugar/ 206 g sugar
4g salt
30g oil


A. Beat the egg with sugar till fluffy with mixer

B. add the sifted flour and salt to the beaten egg, and beat again with mixer till blended , don't over mix

C. mix milk and oil in separate bowl

D. add some of B ( approximately 5 spoon) to C

E. add D to B mix with spatula till well blend.

F. Bake for 35 minutes at 180 C

I added my leftover pineapple chunk and whip cream for the filling.


Hearty Bakes said...

with the pineapple chunkies on the whipped cream, it looks refreshing & nice.

Everything4sweets said...

Thanks Jessie :)