Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steamed Black Sesame Kuih ( Pepe wijen )

I got the recipe from Florence's Blog , I really like this kuih. This kuih remained soft and chewy even when eaten the next day like Florence's said in her blog.

Ingredients: (14cm x 17cm x 5cm)
180g tapioca flour
25g rice flour
50g black sesame powder
180ml boiling water
180ml water
130g sugar
3 tbsp thick coconut milk

1. Mix tapioca flour, rice flour and black sesame powder together.
2. Use boiling water to dissolve sugar. Add in the rest of the water and coconut milk.
3. Pour liquid content into the flour mixture and stir till smooth. Sieve mixture if lumpy.
4. Steam the kuih layer by layer on high heat in a greased tray. First 2 layers for 3 minutes each. 3rd and 4th layer for 3.5 minutes each. 5th and 6th layer for 4 minutes each. 7th and eighth layer for 4.5 minutes each and the last layer for 6 minutes.
5. Cut into serving size when cold using a plastic knife.


Each layer uses about 88g of batter for my steaming tray. Adjust recipe according to the amount required by your steaming tray.

If you are doing the roll, steam one layer, remove it and roll it up swiss roll style then cut into serving size.

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